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Panel: Facing Health Care Challenges; Lived Integrative Care Stories

Our 2008 Ways of Knowing Story

Other Symposium Features:

University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing and Life Science Foundation

LotusWays of Knowing:
Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions and Practices


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Mary Jo Kreitzer
Mary Jo Kreitzer

Welcome to the Ways of Knowing™: Cultural-Based Healing Traditions and Practices.  Thank you for taking the time in your life to visit our exploration of this important topic.

As the global community continues to shift the meaning of home to anywhere on the planet, health care systems are invited and required to learn, adjust, integrate, and honor the healing traditions and practices that arrive when a new culture comes to town or when an original culture offers its understandings. Diversity is a rich attribute of the Earth. When we open to others and integrate, we are following the laws of nature, not resisting them.

Health care professionals and those dedicated to societal healing, regardless of what cultural tradition (conventional medicine is a culture, too) they practice, are commonly gifted with a sense of calling, compassion, and curiosity.  They engage directly or indirectly with the profound questions of life.  What creates life?  What sustains life?  What is necessary for life to thrive? How do we respond to death?  What can I do that is helpful?

Sharon Franquemont
Sharon Franquemont

Every society asks this of their healers.  The Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions & Practices Ways of Knowing Symposium is an opportunity for health care professionals from various cultures and those dedicated to transforming society to come together respectfully to enrich our lives with each other’s insights, wisdom, and laughter.  We gather to discover.  We gather to appreciate. We gather to influence health care education wherever and however it occurs. We gather to participate in a deep exploration of what true health and healing is.  How can our enrichment of others in this community and their enrichment of us contribute to the growth and wellbeing of those we serve?

It was and is our intent to model how a diverse community of dedicated individuals becomes a collective learning community for the sake of healing ourselves and providing a better world for future generations.  

The Life Science Foundation and the Center for Spirituality and Healing welcome you.  May we co-create an open atmosphere that fosters conversation and communion; and invite our hearts and minds to connect with the collective knowledge and wisdom that serves all life.

Mary Jo Kreitzer
University of Minnesota 
Center for Spirituality & Healing

Sharon Franquemont
Life Science Foundation

Symposium Goals

  • Create an environment that is nurturing and conducive to a deep and creative exploration of culturally based health and healing practices

  • Identify commonalities, differences, and integration nexus among culturally based healing, complementary alternative medicine care, and conventional healthcare

  • Explore emerging science and research on culturally based health and healing

  • Grow a learning community that will continue to examine various dimensions and expressions of culturally based healing traditions and practices


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We also thank Bill Sanda who served as a photographer for the Symposium. His photographs are used, with permission, throughout the Proceedings and can be seen online at: www.bsanda.zenfolio.com:80

We express gratitude to Cheryl Kartes, graphic artist for the Exploring Cultural Based Healing Traditions & Practices Ways of Knowing Symposium.





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