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Charlson Meadows:
A Renewal Center

Charlson Meadows invites you to...
A Day of Prayer                                                                 

Offered Wednesdays: September 4, October 7, Noember 6 – 9 am to 4 pm

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul.
 –Mahatma Gandhi

Hello and welcome!

Charlson Meadows invites you to spend a day in restorative prayer surrounded and welcomed by its beautiful142 acres of fields, forests, quiet glades, wildlife, lakes, and wetlands. People of all faiths and traditions are welcome.

As Mahatma Gandhi reminds us in the above quote, prayer invites us to dive deeply into life and set the longing of our souls free. Nature is a beautiful partner in that freedom.
You will have a chance to enjoy prayer in Charlson Meadow’s Outdoor Chapel in the Woods, any of three Labyrinths, the Wisdom Tree, Council Ring Point, or Sky Vista.
Although the majority of time will be spent in prayer, we will also focus on various forms of prayer such as: 

    1. Contemplative prayer
    2. Healing prayer
    3. Joyful prayer
    4. Conversational prayer
    5. Walking/moving prayer

The day is offered to you for no fee. Please bring your favorite prayers and your lunch. To register, please email Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the agenda and other guidelines (clothing, things to bring, etc.)
Nurses can receive 7.0 CEUs through the Faith Community Nurses Network.
We look forward to sharing a day of prayer with you. 


Sharon Franquemont
Charlson Meadows
1601 Highway 7
Victoria, MN 55386
Phone:  952-474-3216
Cell:  510-541-7250

Upcoming programs:

Day Retreats

Nature & Healing: Restoration and Renewal
Oct 23

A Day of Prayer  
Sept 4, Oct 7, Nov 6

The Intuitive Heart: 
Opening the Gates

Oct 30, Nov 12

Weekend Retreats

The Life Journey: 
Nature’s Insight & Support

Sept 20 & 21,
Oct 18-20 (Filled)

The Intuitive Heart for
Healthcare Professionals

Oct 25 - 27



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