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Charlson Meadows:
A Renewal Center

Charlson Meadows invites you to...
Silence: Nature’s Rest and Quietude of Being

Offered: November 20 – 9 am to 4 pm

How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward.
 –Spanish Proverb

Hello and Welcome!

How often do you give yourself permission to do nothing and then rest afterwards?  

Modern life is all too often filled with sights, sounds, vibrations, and continual sensory stimulation. Doing nothing and enjoying doing nothing is quickly becoming a lost art.

Silence: Nature’s Rest and Quietude of Being reminds us that silence and quietude of being are part of nature’s cycles. Silence lives inside us and is essential to our lives.

This time away will be unique. Conversations will open and close our day in Charlson Meadows’ lovely meeting house on Lake Zumbra. In between we will practice silence within ourselves, with others, and with nature.  Our 142 acres of fields, forests, wetlands, and lakes await your exploration and discovery.
Charlson Meadows is happy to offer this exploration for no fee. Please bring your own lunch, wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking on the land.

To register, please email: The agenda will be provided with registration.

Charlson Meadows is located on Highway 7 west of Excelsior, MN and welcomes the opportunity to share its beauty and natural setting with you.


Sharon Franquemont
Charlson Meadows
1601 Highway 7
Victoria, MN 55386
Phone:  952-474-3216

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